Design principles we use in aur Design System.

Our values

Values are like fingerprints, sticking to them will help us make better design decisions.


Biased for less. Every button, icon, or copy should have a purpose. Each step in a workflow.


Personalized for users. Pre-fill options. Design for practices you want to promote.


Approachable and friendly communication.

Convention over Configuration

Design for choices that are well thought out and based on best practices. Avoid unnecessary configuration. Avoid configuration to support fragile workflows.

Design principles

Our design principles constantly help us remain authentic, relevant, and original.

Design for Repeatability and Reuse

We try to create our design elements as modules. This makes it easy for us to reuse them in combination with other elements.

Create WOW Moments

People love surprises. If you can make them smile, they are hooked.

Keep it Attractive

We believe people perceive attractive products as more usable (The Aesthetic-Usability Effect ). So, we make sure our products look sharp.