Voice and tone guidelines

Our voice and tone is our identity. It helps us build trust, connection and a memorable image for our brand. Use it to make the content distinct, effective and consistent for all products and features.

Voice and tone



Our center is our customers and we always put their needs before ours. We take charge to provide our customers with an instant solution. By building every feature, every button, and every copy with an aim to serve a purpose.


We are friendly but never cocky. We are approachable, honest and reliable, always willing to help our customers. Because making our customers heroes is top of our list.

Optimistic to the core

Optimism is in our DNA and we want to imbibe that in every aspect of our brand. We are constantly building things which are meaningful and impactful for our customers. Because we truly believe in what we are doing.


Our tone varies according to our customers’ needs. We are conversational, empathetic and direct but never blunt, too emotional or robotic in our messaging. We sound clear, concise and friendly when addressing an email. But we are more optimistic, friendly, and purpose-driven for our product & feature content. We always stick to the brand voice and use the right tone to convey our message across.

Things to remember

  • Be friendly but never cocky
  • Be empathetic but never too emotional
  • Be optimistic but never overconfident
  • Be direct but never robotic
  • Be conversational but never blunt
  • Be concise but never odd