Error messages

Your error messages could be the last straw for users to move forward or abort the process in the middle. Use this guide to help users navigate their way and turn their delay into an experience.

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Remember to

  • Provide a solution to users
  • Avoid using technical jargons
  • Put statements in positive form
  • Don't take the humor overboard
  • Avoid using condescending language
  • Avoid using the word ‘error’ in the error message
  • Avoid error summaries with long paragraphs
  • Avoid sounding robotic to the user
  • Inline validation errors

    check_circle_roundHey, that mobile number looks familiar. Want to sign in?
    check_circle_roundSorry! We don't recognize that ID. Please try again.
    check_circle_roundThese passwords look poles apart. Please recheck.
    cancel_roundMobile number already registered please sign in to proceed.
    cancel_roundOrganization Code/ID entered is not valid. Try again.
    cancel_roundPasswords do not match.

    Blocking errors

    check_circle_roundSomethings are not in our hands
    Breathe in... Breathe out... Breathe in... Breathe out... Till the time we fix this issue for you.
    check_circle_roundOh no!
    You have stepped into the most deserted space called 404. Let's get you back home.
    Oops! Something went wrong
    Please wait while we are trying to fix the issue.

    cancel_roundError 404
    Page not found!

    Warning errors

    check_circle_roundYou've still got some unfinished goals.
    check_circle_roundYour upload failed!
    Don't worry this is not the last resort.
    cancel_roundThere are some unfinished goals!

    cancel_roundUpload failed!
    Try again, Fail again, Fail better!

    Checklist to remember

  • Be direct but never robotic
  • Be friendly but never cocky
  • Don't take the humor overboard
  • Don't take the humor overboard
  • Avoid technical jargons
  • Sound positive