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Developers, Designers, Product Managers, Marketing folks and UX-ers you've got this! Use these tools to write creatively, effectively and brilliantly.

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Speak to ALL

Not everyone is going to read everything. People skim through content and if it doesn’t interest them, they leave. So, write for all types of readers and keep everyone hooked.

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Don’t get lost in your thoughts, remove the fluff and focus on what you want to say to your users.

check_circlePhone number not available
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Driven by our customer base we need to stick to American English and make sure our products, user interface, website and product documentation are uniform everywhere. American English prefers to go with simpler sentence structure. For example: Brits go on holidays, while Americans go on vacation.

check_circleAmerican sayings:
"It's not rocket science." "Under the weather." "Break a leg." "Period."


Going basic doesn’t mean you start sounding bland and dull. You can of course add a little wink to your content.

check_circleSpecific language
check_circle Definite language
check_circle Consistent language
cancelGeneral language
cancelVague language
cancelRandom language

Stay with YOU

Get more personal with your words. People love being spoken or written to. The word ‘you’ is both the subject and the object form. A single word like ‘you’ can refer to one or more than one person.

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Get more ACTIVE

Users struggle with passive voice. It sounds very verbose, ambiguous and odd. They understand you better, when you use the active form.

check_circleYou are reading this web page.
check_circleJane wrote the email.
cancelThe web page is being read by you.
cancelThe email was written by Jane.

Cut the CRAP

You don’t need what you don’t need. No unnecessary words. No unnecessary sentences. Not that you make all the sentences short, avoid the detailing and treatment it needs. Write, to make every word tell.

check_circleBig picture
cancelHe is a man who
cancelThis is the big picture.
cancelThe most advanced


Sound genderless and address your users’ in the right way. Use ‘they’, ‘them’, ‘their’ if the user’s gender is unknown.

check_circleThey, them, their, unknown


While writing always stick to being positive because nobody likes to hear negative things.

check_circleBetter connections mean better outcomes.
check_circleEffectively engage and communicate with your patients.

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