Pagination is used to split a list of items into pages and jump to the next/previous or a specific page for ease of navigation.




The simplest form of pagination which lets the user jump to the previous or the next page on demand.

With Jump

Jump pagination lets the users jump to a specific page by entering the page number. Use this type when the users can have a rough estimate of finding the required data on a certain page.


PropertyValue(s)Default value
Current page<current page>-
Total pages<total pages>-


Position of Pagination

Pagination control usually appears inside a card with a table or list. It is horizontally aligned to the center of the container. It is fixed at the bottom of the card.

Pagination control is centrally aligned

Pagination vs Infinite Scroll

Use pagination over infinite scroll so that the user can navigate to an item’s detail page and return back to the same page.

Selection with pagination

When using pagination, the “Select all” control should select only the visible items.

Selection with pagination

However, there is an option present to select all the items.

Selection with pagination

For more info - check selection in a Table.