Select offers multiple choices in a compact way.


Select displays a list of options for users to choose from. It provides the option to let users select a single option or multiple.


Button variants

The custom button for select comes with a few variants -


The standard variant consists of just text which changes its state when one or more options are selected.

With icon

This variant comes with an icon in the left, preceding the text to provide additional cues regarding the type of the options.

Inline label

This variant comes with a label preceding the text and can be used at places where there is a space crunch.

Option variants

The options in a select can be single select or multi-select. They come with a few variants -


This variant comes with just text.

With icon

This variant comes with an icon preceding the text.

With sub info

This variant comes with sub-info beneath the text.

With checkbox

This variant comes with the support of checkboxes to select multiple options. The options here can also have sub info just like the previous variant.

Add option

This variant allows you to add an option to the list in select.


Select trigger comes in 2 sizes - small and regular.


Button states

The custom button comes in 5 states - default, hover, focus, active and disabled.

Button states

Option item states

Option items come in 5 states - default, hover, active, focus and disabled. In addition to the aforementioned states, option items also have the selected-default, selected-hover, selected-active, selected-focus and selected-disabled state.

Note: Users can also use the up/down arrow key to traverse the options.

Option item states


Select is made up of 2 key components - a custom button which acts as a trigger and a popover which acts as a container for the options.

Trigger (Select button)

  • 24px (Small)
  • 32px (Regular)
corner radius4px

Option item

Option item states
Top and Bottom
  • 4px
  • 8px
  • 12px
Left and right16px



PropertyValue(s)Default value
Width<Width>176px (Customizable)
  • Small
  • Regular
Placeholder<placeholder> Select (Customizable)
Selected Value<selected value> 3 selected (Customizable)
Left icon
<icon name>-
Inline label

Option item

PropertyValue(s)Default value
  • Standard
  • Compressed
  • Tight
<icon name>-
Sub info
<sub info>-


PropertyValue(s)Default value
Width <width>176px (Customizable)
Max height<max_height>256px (Customizable)
Min height<min_height>-


Select can be offered with a search functionality. In that case, the search input appears at the top.

Overflow behavior


If the label exceeds the available space, it will be truncated and can be seen in a tooltip upon hovering.

Overflow behavior of trigger Overflow behavior of trigger

Option Items

If the label exceeds the available space, it will be truncated and can be seen in a tooltip upon hovering.

Overflow behavior of option Items Overflow behavior of option Items

Width of popover

While the popover’s width is flexible and can vary, it is advisable to maintain a size that is equal to or larger than the trigger of select.

Width of popover Width of popover

Showing items inside select

The select popover can showcase an unlimited number of items. However, for better user experience when dealing with a large number of items, it’s advisable to adopt best practices such as integrating a search feature for effortless navigation to handle a large number of options efficiently.

Grouping options

Select options can be grouped under a section using a sub header, if needed.

Grouping options Grouping options under a sub heading

Label position

The label provides a better understanding of what kind of selection is expected. Labels can be placed either on the top of the select or can be placed inline with the value or placeholder of the select.

Help text

Help text can be provided beneath the select trigger to add context regarding the type of input required just like the input fields.

Using network resources on each checkbox selection in a select can be quite expensive. Select offers the option of incorporating actions in the footer in case of multiple selection, thereby facilitating a single API call upon clicking the Add/Apply button.

Custom options

Select can also accommodate custom options inside it.

Custom options Custom options in select

Select vs. Checkbox

It is recommended to use select if the number of multi-select options exceeds 5 or if the space is limited, to better utilize the space. Checkboxes should be used if the options are fewer than 5 and there are no space restrictions.

select vs checkbox

Adding option in select

In certain cases select allows you to add your own option to the list, even if it isn’t available yet but will be needed in the future.

Adding option in select Adding option in select

Adding option in select vs Input in combobox

It is recommended to use select when the users are encouraged to exercise caution and be mindful when adding options whereas in combobox the users are allowed to type in their value without any obstruction.

Note: Using select is a preferable choice when adding medication to a database to ensure accuracy and discourage users from creating their own abbreviations or names, promoting mindful selection.

Created option in select vs Input in combobox Created option in select vs Input in combobox

Error & Empty States

These states are used to inform users about the status of the data that is being loaded in the select. Note: It is recommended to avoid using an image or illustration in these states due to the limited real estate available within the select.

Error state in select Select having error in loading the options

Empty state in select [Left] No options vs [Right] No results found after search

Custom Trigger in Select

Select can also be triggered by other components, primarily by buttons and icon buttons. The basic behavior of the select remains the same.

Custom trigger in select Examples of custom triggers in select

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